Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Few Kilo Bytes of my childhood memory

I started introducing myself as “Pilot Raja Aneel Kumar” at the age of less than three years.

Mummy don’t throw this Iron I’ll repair it once I’ll be engineer.” I still remember the broken Iron that my mom was about to dump and I didn’t allow her to do so at the age of three.

I announced “I will be Eye Specialist.” after having eye surgery, which was necessary to be done in early age, on my 4th birthday.

I started my schooling at age of 5 from a PELLA school. Initial 2 years I was performing not good getting just passing marks but good at mathematics (you can say numbers) only. In 3rd Standard my new class teacher helped me to revive myself and I stood 3rd in class of 50 students but didn’t have self confidence. In 4th standard I gained self confidence also and I was able compete with not only students but a teacher of 5th standard. It was one of memorable days of my life when I solved a word problem of 5th standard and taught it to a teacher of 5th standard being in 4th standard. Oh! I am good at teaching. "I should pursue teaching as career."